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Monday, November 06, 2006
Release date!
I now have a release date for FINDING THE LIGHT, my Dark Mage story that is part of the Ellora's Cave Wild Winter Quickies series. These short novellas, which center around winter holidays, will be released on Wednesdays and Fridays in December. My story is a solstice tale.

FINDING THE LIGHT will be available for download on the 27th of December!

This is part of my Dark Mages series, which is set in the same Dar Ages world of magick as that of the Elementals. The Dark Mages walk in the shadows, a knife's edge balance between the Light they serve and the Darkness they battle. Here's the story teaser for FINDING THE LIGHT.

Dark Mage Moran is mortally wounded in a battle of magickal wills. Seeking a mage to heal him, he instead stumbles into a small village. Moran's work required celibacy. When he awakens in bed with a naked woman, he isn't certain if this is a fevered dream or she is a Yule gift, a reward from the Goddess.

The widow Enid is the only one with room and time to care for him. No mage, she has only a meager supply of herbs—and body heat. She can't resist the temptation presented by the handsome stranger. Yule is a time of celebration and sex represents the foundation of life.

Moran has lost his magick, but mayhap Enid offers something better.

I'll be posting excerpts as the release date draws closer!

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