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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
ROGUES is in print!
Yes, that's right. The last I'd heard, it would be late summer before ROGUES hit the bookshelves, but it seems things are cooking at EC. It's listed today in the EC store!

The cover now has a tint to it that we didn't see in the initial version. I'm not sure if I like that aspect, but the cover image certainly does kick butt!

I'm so happy, maybe I'll go take a nap. LOL

Here's a snippet from my favorite review so far. It's not a sentiment just anyone would get in a review...

"Before the story begins, the reader sees the following passage: "A vampire, a psychic and a werewolf walk into a bar on Alpha Prime…"-1001 Stellar Jokes. What makes this note-worthy is that that is exactly what will follow. Add to this mix a jealous Artificial Intelligence who may want to be human, genetic engineering, embezzlement, assassins, and an accounting conspiracy of galactic proportions. Cheesy? Definitely. Hot and sexy? Oh, yes. Will Rogues win the Hugo Award? Not likely. But, readers will have a rip roaring good time with this steamy threesome as they have their adventures in, and out of, bed."
Read the whole review

This is a good week!

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