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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
ROGUES got a nomination!

The eCataromance Reviewers Choice Award nominees are up here. ROGUES is included - along with what looks like half the releases from 2006. LOL No matter what the award or how large the nominee list is, it's always a kick to be nominated. As Sally Field put it so succinctly, "You like me!" Or rather, you like my stories.
Thanks so much to the reviewers who put this list together! We're in some fabulous company. I won't call them competition, because most of the books are apples and oranges when you actually look at their plots and characters, but they're all wonderful authors who've brought us some utterly delicious stories.

We're hard at work on OUTLAWS, the sequel. Guvnor and the indominitable Elvie are up to their necks in trouble. They've made the mistake of trying to handle things on their own...

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