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Monday, August 27, 2007
More Caterpiggles...

Here are a couple of other pix. I just love watching these little guys grow!
This one's easy to spot, because I turned the plant so it's silhouetted against the shadows between the rocks. When they're small, it's a bit of a hunt to find them at all. (The best way is to look for their black droppings.)

This one's on the stem, where I hope you can see it!
These are a lot bigger than that tiny hatchling I posted the other week. There are a few even bigger ones now, which I'll try to catch a glimpse of tomorrow and photograph for you. They're little eating machines, with nothing to do but eat and grow...the bigger ones are most likely the same ones in these pix.

In preparation for moving - getting a house spruced up to put on the market is a lot of work - some of the milkweed was moved to the side of the house. Curb appeal, you know! Ratty 'weeds' aren't on the list of what prospective buyers look for. These are the ones that popped up after the front garden was last weeded. I may move the smaller plants. When the ones out front are eaten up, I'll carry the caterpillars to the new location. I haven't seen any there yet.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Be still, my heart!
I did a bit of weeding this evening. I'm so glad I did!


Isn't this little one adorable? I was squishing aphids (to make sure the milkweed survives long enough for the caterpillars to eat it - they've got precedence in my gardens) and almost missed it.

This is the smallest one I've ever seen.

Tomorrow I'll post pix of the larger ones.

I wouldn't want to overload your senses. LOL

Hugs to everyone but that liar Ann,
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
This just in!
This just in...straight from the horses' to speak. LOL

Ann Wesley Hardin luuuuurves French Poodles and has been known to steal Cris Anson's er, adult toy shaped remarkably like a banana.

Now, these were communicated to Your Humble Reporter in the same sentence by Ann herself, therefore I deduce a relationship.

Ann, darling, you'd better watch out - those PETA folks might be after you!

If she ever gets it back, I hope Cris can put her "appliance" in the washing machine. EW!

Hugs to all but that liar Ann,
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Friday, August 10, 2007
A fabulous time was had by all
I realize it's been a while since I cavorted around eastern PA with my EC sisters and the gorgeous bus, but it did take me time to recover. Thus my tardy post of the TRUTH of what happened in Lancaster, Pottstown and Reading. (If I didn't cover it here, it's a scurrilous rumor. SCURRILOUS, I say!)

First of all, let me say that the hostesses (those wonderful ladies who manage, staff and hand-sell books at the various Borders and Borders Express locations) were the kindness personified. We never ran out of drinks or goodies and shared many a laugh, giggle or snicker with them all. Thank you so much, ladies, and I'm willing to sing at your stores any time.

The EC folks, Brenda and John, are also great fun and took good care of us. They had EC goodies for us to hand out and kept us in the spotlight by placing the attention-getting bus prominently in every parking lot. And when Jennifer Dunne whined about not having a nice EC leather portfolio, Brenda managed to produce one.

Of course, Jennifer promptly let her Peppermint Teenie Poppers melt all over the calculator. We all know Jennifer doesn't stoop to using a calculator, being a mathematician and all. Hmm...but I see here in my notes that simple arithmetic is beyond the four-hour orgasm girl. Does that mean we can't trust her timekeeping, either?

Let's see, what else did I learn about my sister EC authors? The truth, as recorded during the five book signings last weekend.

Cris Anson can't figure out how to cross the street. (Sounds like this limits her street-walking activities, doesn't it?)

Tara never listens to a thing I say. (Why should she be different? If everyone paid attention to my words of wisdom, I'd've long ago solved tribal strife, world hunger and cured the common cold.)

Oh, and pssst, keep this under your hat. Or elsewhere, but out of sight. Cris Anson is an anal freak AND she's always in the wrong place. She went through three pairs of panties during the signings. I have no idea whose they were, other than not mine. ('Nuff said. I ain't goin' there.)

And FINALLY, the ultimate truth about Ann Wesley Hardin. She's not only a viscous gossip, she's the founder of the Wandering Menstruals. I hear the WaMens uploaded an incredibly well-done "man-revenge" video to UTube but it was banned because UTube doesn't permit snuff . Those babes are tough when they're PMSing!

Oh, I almost forgot Lorie O'Clare. The poor darling was with us for only one signing and I hear she's recovering nicely. Get well soon!

Pictures to follow...yes, I documented some of the events.

Hugs to everyone but that liar Ann,
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